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The Legendary: A New classic arrives at Chamas Tacos®

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are launching The Legendary, our brand-new signature recipe filled with nostalgia and innovation.

Available starting the week of May 13th, it promises to delight every customer with its unique and gourmet combination.

10 years of reimagined flavors, nostalgia with a modern twist

To mark this decade of success and pay tribute to the early days of Chamas Tacos, the product is entirely made up of ingredients that have made it famous.

Ground beef and tenders, two of the most popular products since the beginning of Chamas Tacos®, bacon, melty mozzarella, our essential cheese sauce, our brand new 2014 vintage sauce, and crispy fries make up this new signature.

A must-see event

Be there the week of May 13th to be among the first to taste The Legendary and find out why it lives up to its name !